May 2024


Raleigh-Based Entrepreneur Sajjan Agarwal Joins Rishihood University as a Founder

We are delighted to announce the addition of Sajjan Agarwal to the board of Rishihood as a founder. Sajjan brings with him a wealth of experience and a remarkable track record of entrepreneurial success and philanthropic dedication. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Sajjan ventured to the United States after completing...
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Opinion | Is Your Degree Enough? Why Universities Must Prioritise Foundational Meta-Skills

Is a degree enough to succeed in today’s dynamic job market? Discover why universities need to emphasize foundational meta-skills to truly prepare students for future challenges. Read more at:
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Five Pillars To Transform a Career Advancement Cell

Mohit Singh’s article unveils transformative strategies for career advancement cells in educational institutions. Emphasizing five pivotal pillars, Singh’s insights provide a roadmap for optimizing career services. From enhancing student engagement to fostering industry connections, this piece offers actionable steps to elevate career development initiatives and empower students for success. Read...
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An Odyssey of Reinvention

Puja Singh’s article “An Odyssey of Reinvention” delves into the journey of self-transformation. It explores how individuals navigate change and embrace new beginnings. Through personal narratives, it highlights the resilience and adaptability inherent in the human spirit. She’s poignant storytelling captures the essence of growth and reinvention in the face...
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Public policy education could make a better country if done right

Explore the transformative potential of public policy education. Informed decisions, driven by rigorous education and research, can address societal challenges. Embrace the power of policy education for a brighter tomorrow. For media link –
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