Emerging “Impact University” of Delhi-NCR Holds Its Very First Convocation

Rishihood University, Sonipat held its very first convocation on 8th November, 2022, at the Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, felicitating the inaugural batches of their PG graduates, as well as welcomed the incoming batches of 2022-2023.

Identifying itself as a pioneering “social impact” institute in India, Rishihood University has attempted over the past year to implement an NEP 2020-aligned learning model and curriculum with pivotal Indic Knowledge System (IKS)-based modules, supported by an optimal learning environment for holistic education. The learning framework at Rishihood allows its learners to meander across diverse disciplines before diving deep into their areas of specialization.

Among its other noteworthy initiatives is ‘RishiEd’ – the university’s wing of executive education, offering a bouquet of courses and programmes for inquisitive minds across age groups, backgrounds, and of various career aspirations. Rishihood also inaugurated a central Research Cell to further the cause of academic investigation and innovation.

University Chancellor Sri Suresh Prabhu – Former Minister of Railways of India and hon’ble member of the Rajya Sabha presided at the ceremony, calling upon the learners to embark on a journey of self-transformation and become true nation builders.

Vice Chancellor, Sri Shobhit Mathur set the tone on a note of spiritual upliftment and Indic awakening by invoking a verse from the Vishnu Puran – “सावदया या वमुतये” or “Education is that which liberates”, and stated the purpose of Rishihood as a pioneering institution in these words –

“At Rishihood we equip our learners to synthesize the traditional Indian knowledge with the mainstream western worldview. This makes their perspective richer and solutions more creative. This will set them apart from their peers in the real world. This is a novel approach to higher education, where the Indian knowledge is not an elective but the foundation.”

Chief Guest, Dr. V. Ananthanageshwaran – Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India, added to the spirit of the event with his address where he commended Rishihood’s overarching vision.

“With India’s economic rise, it will face many geo-political disruptions this decade. It is important to maintain guarded optimism. Focus on the long term, while adapting to the short term challenges. Balance growth with stability. We need grounded leaders who will steer India through this volatile future. I am happy to see that the efforts at Rishihood University are aligned in the right direction, to create leaders that India and the world need”, said Dr. Ananthanageshwaran.

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