Your journey begins here.

At Rishihood, we believe in the timeless wisdom of Rishitva – the pursuit of knowledge, truth, and self-realization. It is a path that beckons the seekers, the dreamers, and the changemakers. And in choosing this path, you have shown us that you are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Your presence on our campus enriches our community and reaffirms our commitment to nurturing a space that fosters holistic growth and individuality. As you step into our halls of learning, we promise to support you in your pursuit of knowledge and to provide you with an environment that encourages exploration and fosters curiosity.

Throughout your time at Rishihood, you will find dedicated mentors and educators who are passionate about their fields of expertise. As you immerse yourselves in the diverse array of academic programs and experiences, we hope you will also embrace the values of compassion, humility, and empathy.

Rishitva is not just a path of intellectual growth but also a call to cultivate kindness and understanding in our hearts.

My Checklist

To ensure your readiness for the term’s commencement and ensure a seamless transition to the Rishihood community, we’ve formulated a checklist.

Complete Registration Checklist

Review the registration checklist to ensure all your preparations are in place for the commencement of your Rishihood journey.

My Orientation

Orientation week involves a variety of mandatory and optional activities: social, educational, and academic events, and online and in-person sessions. Take a look at all the orientation activities to find the right ones for you!

RU Services

Labs & Studios

Rishihood means “experiential learning”.

Experience academic excellence at Rishihood University with advanced classrooms, technology, and expert faculty fostering progressive learning. Our thoughtfully designed labs and studios promote real-world exploration, embodying our hands-on teaching approach, supported by top-notch equipment for optimal results.

Our Campus




Ashok Goel

Rishihood is about diving deep in search of knowledge.

Rishihood promotes profound knowledge pursuit. The university library aligns with international standards, offering an ideal research and learning setting. With high-speed Wi-Fi and expert assistance, our comprehensive collection of books and journals, both digital and printed, empowers students with abundant resources for academic requirements.

Auditorium &
Seminar Halls

Rishihood is a stage you can’t miss.

The campus features a 350-seat AC auditorium and three 120-seat seminar halls for versatile learning, interaction, and events. Equipped with audio-visual facilities, these spaces cater to convocations, seminars, and workshops, enhancing interactivity and valuable insights sharing among students, faculty, and dignitaries.


Rishihood is a ‘Home Away from Home’.

Experience university life to the fullest with on-campus living – where friends, resources, and proximity to classes foster a strong connection to Rishihood. Student Housing offers a unique chance to stay close to mentors, build lasting networks, and cultivate independence. Our secure, comfortable double-occupancy rooms, equipped with central air-conditioning and safety features, ensure a focused study environment.

Dining and
Meal Services

Our unique campus includes an organic farm and dining services offering tasty, nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. The dining area fosters friendships and casual chats with teachers, going beyond food. The Student Mess Committee collaborates on menu planning and quality control. Menus vary weekly based on student preferences.

Organic Farming &
Sustainable Living

Rishihood means defining ‘healthy & sustainable living’

Rishihood prioritizes sustainability with practical initiatives like an organic farm and fruit forest providing fresh produce to students for their well-being. Our dedication to eco-friendly living extends to education and the planet, driving us to become a living laboratory for a low-carbon and sustainable society.

& Athletics

Rishihood is finesse for sports enthusiasts.

Physical fitness is integral to campus life, with a strong focus on sports. Enjoy the diverse facilities like swimming, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Join our teams for inter-college and university events. The well-equipped sports complex includes a pool and indoor facilities.

& Wellness

Rishihood is a family that cares.

The University provides a safe and healthy environment so that we can focus on learning and innovation. Health and wellness are given utmost priority to ensure that a 24×7 infirmary with a facility of doctor-on-call is available on the campus. There are qualified staff members with proper first-aid training to ensure first-aid treatment at the earliest and shifting to a hospital, in case necessary.

& Culture

Rishihood is about being joyfully creative.

Art and culture are a part of the life of a student at Rishihood. Photography, painting, music, dance, theatre, and other areas of performing and creative art are encouraged on the campus. The University plans to have its own band both for Western Music and for Indian Music and the selection for this will be based on auditions that will be conducted. Exhibitions depicting the Art and Culture of India will be a regular feature of campus life. Creativity is our culture!

Outside of your studies, there’s a whole world of new friends and exciting activities to immerse yourself in, at Rishihood University. From joining a society, or taking up a new sport or stepping up to represent Sports at the National level, there’s a lot to keep you busy.

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& Societies

Rishihood is more than just academics.

Freedom of expression is the driving force behind the formation of student clubs and societies. There are a number of such student organizations such as the debating society, theatre & creative communication club, western music society, social impact society, local impact club, photography club, and gardening club. Students are, however, free to form new clubs and societies depending on their interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I reach the university campus?

You should reach the campus by 17-Aug-2023. In case of delays due to special circumstances, you can reach out to us at and inform us in advance.

When would I complete my registration and enrolment?

The registration drive will be conducted from 10 AM to 5 PM on 18-Aug-2023.

When does orientation start?

Orientation starts on 19-Aug-2023. You can refer to the orientation schedule for details regarding the sessions.

I might not be able to reach the campus for the orientation. Can I join the orientation sessions online?

No. You have to be present on campus in person for the orientation. This is an opportunity to get to know the faculty and staff members of the university, and the other learners who will be your fellow travellers for the next few years. It is also an occasion of joy and celebration to mark the beginning of your journey to Rishihood. Hence, it is necessary that you be present in person to experience all the excitement and fun.

In case you are unable to reach the campus by 19-Aug-2023, you should definitely send an email citing your reasons to If your arrival to the campus is delayed, continuing your registration and enrolment will be at the discretion of the university.

Will I get to meet my professors and instructors once I arrive on campus?

Yes. You can meet your professors and instructors who are present on campus during the orientation. If any visiting faculty members are on campus, you may meet them too.

A Campus You Would Call Your Home

Rishihood is a 21st-century gurukul. The 25-acre campus includes state-of-the-art sports facilities, a terrific library, well-equipped labs, a learners’ arena, an organic farm, miyawaki forest, a fruit forest, and much more. Explore the campus below

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