October 9, 2023


Rishihood University Introduces Swami Vivekanand’s Teachings for Life to Students through the Recently-Launched Vivekananda AI Portal

Rishihood University, a beacon of educational innovation, has taken a remarkable step towards holistic student development by launching the groundbreaking Vivekananda AI Portal. This pioneering initiative is dedicated to imparting the profound teachings and wisdom of the renowned spiritual leader, Swami Vivekananda, to students and learners worldwide. The Vivekananda AI...
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Ghaṇṭāvadhānam: An Artistic Marvel of Sound and Mind

In the Avadhāna tradition in Bharat, there exist various forms of Avadhāna of which much is not known. Recently, in the Avadhana Sangama program organised by the Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood university in collaboration with the National Sanskrit University, Tirupati, we had invited two women Ghaṇṭāvadhāni-s (Dr. Bulusu Aparna...
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