October 31, 2023


Rishihood University Walks the Talk with 2-Day Walkathon Challenge

Rishihood University takes action with its 2-Day Walkathon Challenge, exemplifying a commitment to health and community involvement. This engaging event encourages wellness and unity as participants come together to walk for two days. By fostering a sense of togetherness, Rishihood University showcases its dedication to not just talking the talk...
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Why the multiple entry-exit system for students is a leap for higher education in India

Explore India’s educational transformation with the NEP 2020’s innovative “multiple entry and exit options.” This student-centered approach promotes flexibility and lifelong learning, empowering learners to acquire skills and qualifications at their own pace. Despite recent reservations from a parliamentary panel, the system’s potential to address issues like rigid academic structures...
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LIFE SKILLS-BASED EDUCATION: How to deal with academic anxiety and depression

Explore the intersection of life skills-based education and mental well-being in this insightful article by Aacharyamitra Paroksh Sujay on Education Times. Sujay ji delves into the application of Indian philosophical wisdom as a powerful resource for comprehending and effectively handling academic anxiety and depression. Discover valuable insights into how ancient...
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