Shobhit Mathur


Fusing the Shaktis to Reawaken India

India, one of the world’s most ancient living civilizations is today shackled and wanting to break free but hasn’t yet figured her way out.
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Can Leaders be Created?

“Can leaders be created ?”. The answer is “yes, if it is done the right way”.Public leadership cannot be left to chance anymore.
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Ayodhya’s Resurrection – A Civilisational Milestone

An inflexion point in the Indian civilisational journey as 500 years of struggle to reclaim a sacred piece of land ends successfully and a new era dawns.
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Building Anti-Fragile Organisations

By Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder & Dean at Rashtram Image Source: Vision India Foundation This article was published in Silicon India. Organizations globally are facing an existential crisis. A little understood virus that originated in China is spreading like wildfire and fatalities are mounting globally. The scientists are confused about its behavior,...
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‘The Idea Of Rashtram Stems From The Urgent Need To Generate Advanced Leadership In India’: Shobhit Mathur

In the context of contemporary social ways and mores, there is an increasingly felt need for real leaders who can steer India towards glory, based on its ancient, accumulated wisdom.
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