Shobhit Mathur


Why Most Public Leaders Hit A Glass Ceiling And Few Break Through

By Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder & Dean at Rashtram Image Source: Vision India Foundation This article was published in The Higher Education The enemy of success is a success. In a world that is constantly changing, past successes lead to fixed beliefs and behaviors, which derail the potential for future success. For...
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Modelling Modern-Day Leadership Schools By Learning From Our Ancient Takshshila University

Here is how modern-day leadership schools that run like Takshshila university can help us beat the outdated education system and build leadership skills.
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New India Needs New Leaders: Can Institutions Groom Them?

We need to gather the best of thinkers, policymakers, social workers and the funders to envision a world-class Indian institution for public leadership.
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Need To Rethink Higher Education In India

We need to prepare leaders that thrive on change and can deal with a VUCA world.
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Are Leaders Born or Made?

By Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder & Dean at Rashtram Image Source:Vision India Foundation Original article was published in Hindustan Times India is a living civilisation that has retained its character for over two millennia. It has not just survived, but thrived. This was possible only because this land has consistently produced great...
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