Yoga & Meditation: Tools for a Balanced Life

One of the greatest expressions of India’s soft power is the ‘collective influence’ of Yoga around the globe. The  International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June every year, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. The first International Yoga Day (2015) created a record for...
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Heritage: What is it & Why it Matters

We have probably come across the word ‘heritage’ many times, be it in through textbooks or popular media. We often read about India having “rich heritage’”.  But what exactly do we mean by this? Is it the historical monuments, the yoga, spirituality, and ancient traditions, or is it the food,...
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How Indic Living Keeps Us Rooted & Free in A Chaotic World

The Indic Knowledge System is a collection of some foundational aspects of human life that originated centuries ago but still inform our way of life today.  India has always been a Knowledge Society, learning from the Vedic ‘shruti’, hymns and mantras, and the outward experience-perception. But Indic Living incorporates much more. This...
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The Ashtalakshmi Model: Pursuing a Holistic Idea of Development

Our definition of development of any society or country is largely synonymous with economic aspects, such as productivity, income levels, industrialization, and modernization. However, ‘growth’ is much more than these material elements. One can find examples of holistic development within the traditional belief systems of India.  The new virus has...
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This 8-Year-Old is Bridging Cultures with His Amarakosha Doodles

Aniruddha Pradyumna Kandadai, aged 8, studies in a French Public School. That hasn’t kept him from exploring his cultural roots.  His love for the Sanskrit language led him to make Amarakosha Doodle videos on YouTube. Now, his short explainers are published on the Carnatic Conservatory of Paris channel every Friday. These videos...
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