December 18, 2023


BBA course details

Crafting Business Leaders: Inside Look at BBA Course Details

Over the past years, the demand for BBA graduates in India has surged significantly. This surge aligns with the rapid expansion of the Indian economy, escalating the requirement for adept business practitioners. Moreover, the employment rate among BBA graduates in India remains notably low, rendering it an attractive pathway for...
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Ashok Goel Library at Rishihood University Hosts International Conference Addressing IP Rights in the AI Era: Modern Challenges for Innovative Library Services

Explore the dynamic intersection of intellectual property (IP) rights and artificial intelligence (AI) at the International Conference hosted by Ashok Goel Library, Rishihood University. Delve into modern challenges faced by innovative library services in the era of AI, with experts and thought leaders navigating the intricate landscape. Gain insights into...
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