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Entrepreneurship is the indispensable engine of any economy. And with the emerging competitive scenario, the thrust on entrepreneurship is even greater.

The Rishihood School of Entrepreneurship is a pioneer in the field of new-age management education which focuses on combining the concepts of incubation and a bootcamp method of delivery of its BBA and MBA degree programs. This approach provides experiential and action learning to those passionate about creating their own businesses, working for a startup or bringing entrepreneurial skills to an existing business whether Indian or Multinationals.

To us, entrepreneurship is more about the training of the mind and not just about starting a business. As a student here, you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and will be equipped to launch a venture of your own.

Our objective is to equip future business leaders to possess the skills, knowledge, and confidence to develop, scale, and deliver innovative products and services to the Nation. Our effort is geared towards inspiring and guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is where your idea could evolve into a living business.

Not all our students will become entrepreneurs, and that is not our desire. Many of our students will become very successful professionals serving the growing corporate sector. Thus, our program in general management provides students with an opportunity to go through very rigorous and application-oriented BBA and MBA programmes which are first of its kind in India and is delivered in a modular format. We aim at providing guidance and support to students towards making them future leaders.


Prof MM Pant

Abhijit Chand

Akshay Kulkarni

Arun Rawal

Brijesh Misra

Chirag Gujarati

Dene T. Hurley

Jennifer Clifford

Dr Mridula Dwivedi

Navroze D Dhondy

Dr NishaKant Ojha

Prof Patrick McNamara

Prof Ravi Jain

Mr Anshul Jain

Dr Srinivas Chunduru

Hetang Shah

Himanshu Manglik

Parmeet Singh Sood

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