Accelerate your artistic abilities and creative understanding with Rishihood’s Design specialisation. The course assists students in understanding the basic concepts of design, methods to communicate visual ideas and taking a deeper dive into the impact of designing.

Apart from the intriguing curriculum, this is an interdisciplinary programme allowing students to study two or more disciplines together. With different perspectives and concepts from each subject, you’ll be able to develop better critical and creative skills. It’ll open you up and give you the confidence to try new opportunities.

The Design specialisation isn’t limited to a theoretical outlook to the knowledge, it also focuses on the research and practical aspect of the subjects. It enables students to think of design as a creative problem-solving process. You’ll get to understand the multidisciplinary nature of design and the relationship between environment, culture, human sense, emotions and the impact of design.


Product Design

Communication Design

Fashion & Textile

Interior Architecture

Programme Highlights

Design students get to learn under professional and industry experienced professors who will liven the world of design through –

  • Industry-specific knowledge and effective communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • A modular format of delivery to help you focus on your studies
  • Advanced information literacy and intercultural knowledge
  • Broader perspective and inter-disciplinary approach
  • Holistic approach where design skills sets and technology will go hand in hand

Career & Scope

A degree in design will be your first step towards a career in this field. From a plethora of career options, you can pick the one where your interest lies. There are job profiles in both the private and public sectors, where you can find an economically rewarding career. After you graduate with a degree from Rishihood University, you can become a Graphic Designer, Design Manager, Textile Designer, Professor/Teacher, Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Forecaster, Fashion Merchandiser and more.

You can also go for higher studies and pick a course that will expand your knowledge and teach you new skills.

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