School of Creativity

M Design

Master of Design

The 2-year Master of Design programme at the School of Creativity is designed as an alternative model to the traditional schools of Design and Management, concentrating on the needs of contemporary companies.

The programme combines a user-centred, method-based approach with management education making it ideal for professionals who aspire to lead collaborative, interdisciplinary innovation initiatives within global organizations. It gives you the flexibility to choose from the specializations offered. Design connects and enhances every aspect of life. School of Creativity graduates will effectively address dynamic and complex business, civic, and social challenges with rigour, depth, and imagination. 


  • Industrial Design
  • Communication Design
  • Interior Architecture

The curriculum will give graduates the real-world skills needed to integrate, interconnect, and innovate beyond the current practices of design.

  • Design pedagogy involves highly interactive ways of thinking and learning – cross-disciplinary that engage with the technical, material, spatial, ecological, and economic dimensions.
  • The programme challenges the conventional ways of learning through – fieldwork, range of studios, research, seminars, workshops, and ongoing live projects. Thus, scope and diversity are unmatched.
  • Students will be mentored to shape opportunities through actively developing insight from multiple perspectives, exploring options through aggressive prototyping and critique, and identifying valuable directions that prompt action and support resilient change.
  • They will learn through hands-on projects and real-world challenges, both individually and in team collaborations.
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